Foldaway canopy sunbeds are ideal for when space is limited

Foldaway Canopy Sunbeds

The most convenient and simple of all sun bed models, our Elite foldaway canopy units can easily be stored out of the way and quickly brought out whenever you want a top up.

Foldaway SunbedsThere is no denying that even compact sun bed units can take up a lot of space, if you do not have spare rooms to keep them in it can be simply impossible to have one. The ultimate answer is the foldaway canopy model; keep it set up next to a spare bed or pack it away after every use in a storage cupboard with the ironing board, it is lightweight, quick, simple and incredibly effective at tanning as well!

Our canopy foldaway sunbeds come in two different model specifications with a range of features unique to each.

100 watt foldaway canopy sun bed features

Fitted out with 6ft 100watt tubes and two 30 minute safety timers the 100 watt specification also offers optional extras including 125watt bulbs for extra tanning power, a 4 tube facial and leg booster unit and a separate choke box on a stand.

160 watt foldaway canopy sun bed features

Using 6ft 160watt tanning tubes with 2 x 10 minute safety timers the unit also includes a 4 tube facial boost panel, separate choke box on a stand and optional extras such as 180-200watt tubes or a 4 tube leg boost tanning unit.

Quality, convenience, practicality and the best way to lay down that essential base tan coming up to summer holidays and trips to the beach. Contact us today to learn more about our foldaway canopy units from one of our friendly team.

Sunbed Features

Just a few of the superb features of our Elite curved foldaway canopy units include;

  • Curved shape to encourage an all round tan
  • Easily adjustable, spring assisted stand
  • High capacity cooling fans for even temperature
  • Instructions and safety warnings fitted to unit
  • Quick and simple one man installation
  • Available in 100watt or 160watt configurations
  • Full acrylic safety screen
  • Tube life hour counter as an option

Delivery Areas

We deliver to customers across Kent including Canterbury, Faversham, Ramsgate, Folkestone, Dover, Hastings, Maidstone, Ashford, Sittingborne, Gillingham, Chatham, Gravesend, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells.

We will also deliver to customers in parts south Essex, West Sussex, East Sussex and parts of Surrey, please call our office for further details.

Telephone us for more details on 01227 450388

Solar Spray

A twin phase blend of essential oils formulated to keep the skin moisturized and silky smooth, liberally applied over the entire body to help promote a deeper lasting tan. 200ml

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Solar Bronze

UVA Crème specially blended to enhance the natural tanning process and promote a deep long lasting tan. It has an exotic fragrance and a rich smooth texture that is easily absorbed to moisturise and protect the skin. 150 ml

Solar Gold

Specially blended for use on a sunbed and all other UVA equipment, it has a pleasant coconut fragrance and contains collagen to help prevent premature ageing. The Rich smooth texture, which is easily absorbed to moisturise and protect the skin. 250ml