Using the latest scientific discoveries, our collagen therapy beds rejuvenate your skin with red light technology

Collagen Therapy

Healthy skinUsing the latest scientific discoveries, our collagen therapy beds use red light technology to rejuvenate your skin smoothing wrinkles, promoting collagen production and improving circulation.

Our collagen therapy penetrates deep into your skin encouraging production of collagen and elastin which give a healthier, more youthful, look. Wish to get rid of wrinkles and have smooth skin? Come to the specialists at Jax Sunbeds and we will go through how our collagen therapy services can help you.

It penetrates deep into your skin encouraging production of collagen and elastin which creates a healthier, more youthful, look. Our team have provided many people with highly efficient collagen therapy services for many years. Every time our clients have left happy with a more healthier and younger look so we know that we will have the collagen therapy solution for you.

Red light has been used by beauty therapists for years, but only the latest technology delivers red light strong enough to create a noticeable difference; and our canopy style and double red light technology beds deliver just that!

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Give us a call on 01227 450388 and speak to one of our collagen therapy specialists. They will provide you with the information you need and will go through your sunbed hire and collagen therapy requirements to ensure you get the best solution that best suits you.

Ideal home units for regular top ups to keep your complexion at its best we offer two superb Collagen Therapy red light units;

CT9 foldaway canopy bed

CT 9 Foldaway canopyIn a convenient and compact design the CT9 offers 9 x 160watt red light tubes plus a 4-tube facial boost unit to enhance treatment effectiveness to your face. Operated with 30-minute timers the tubes are protected by a full acrylic safety screen.

CT18 double sunbed style unit

A compact 18-tube unit curved for comfort and fitted with 160-watt lightbulbs and a 4 tube facial boost section. Top and bottom units are fan cooled for comfort and features include an hour counter to monitor tube life, twin 30 minute timers and a hydraulic lifting system on the lid to make operation incredibly easy.

Benefits of Collagen Therapy

Just a few of the benefits of our Collagen Therapy red light technology units includes;

  • Smoothes and reduces wrinkles in the skin
  • Increases collagen production for youthful look
  • Increases circulation in the skin
  • Smoothes and reduces cellulite deposits
  • Improves skin colour consistency
  • Firms aged and tired skin
  • Delicately fades away stretch marks

Further Information

Our high-quality sunbeds and collagen therapy treatment units are made by one of the leading red light technology manufacturers and really do have an incredible effect on your skin.

Contact us today to speak with our collagen therapy specialists and learn more about the beds or make an order.


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